Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Another change of plan

I couldn't wait...

From this to the one below.

Yesterday I said I wasn't happy with the 
above painting as it was full of busy bits.   

First I ripped off the corrugated paper, then
I attacked it with orange and yellow, rolled over the surface.

Still not happy.  

After standing back to contemplate my dilemma 
I mixed cerulean blue with the leftover palette 
and smothered it over the very textured canvas. 

I had nothing to lose...apart from the painting.
Taking risks is part of my painting life.

I must admit the painting looks calmer.
Will it stay?

That's for another day.

'Meet me when you return'

Oils and cold wax medium on 24x24 inch canvas 

Another painting with a history.
It has had a few changes but today I added
 a little bit of green.  It takes away the 
intensity of the sea of blue.   


A rare moment to see the painter.
These are not my usual painting clothes!

Just posing.  🎨

All for now,
thank you for visiting.

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