Monday, 13 July 2020


Nothing is permanent...

'Endless flow of time'

The painting before re-working...

My painting was made several months ago and sits in my studio.

This week I decided to give it more strength.

There are traces of the old still visible but

overall the painting has taken on a new life.

The permanence of the previous image has gone...

and made way for the new.  


A 165 year old English Oak in my garden

It gives me pleasure each time I walk

 under these magnificent branches.

Rosebay Willowherb and Hogweed

The wild garden in July.

A tangle of relaxed loveliness.


I was thinking about the way I work.

Depicting reality is not important to me but

there is an element of it emerging in the pictures.  

Inula opening its big daisy flowers

Rosebay and Mountain Ash berries

Some little studies on Arches oil paper.
Layers of paint, and scribbles.

They might be used for greetings cards.

All for now...
Until next time.

Thank you for visiting 

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