Thursday, 23 July 2020

Finding my own voice.

I have been pondering...

Who am I?
(In an artist sense).

Where am I going and do I like the direction?

Looking into a pool.

Parts of this image are blurred, but the main 
focus is the rock.  There is clarity because 
it rises above the water.

It almost shouts "look at me".
This rock is significant.
I shall explain.

There is a reason for my ramblings...nay, musings.

I was invited this week to submit 300 words 
for a 'Meet the Artist' magazine feature along with 
two images of my paintings and one of me at work.

Surely that's easy enough to do....?

Actually, I found it extremely difficult.
I had several late nights writing and re-writing.

'How can this be so hard?'  I argued with myself.
It's only about you and your art.

But...what did I really want to say?

An extract from my website introduction reminded me...
I had been here before.

"Twenty years ago I had no idea where my 

first paintings would take me. 

At first it was watercolour, then acrylic

 and finally oil paint. 

  They were works based on reality;

 landscapes and coastal studies 

and for several years I painted what 

others wanted to see.     

Then I realised it was not what I wanted...

my heart was elsewhere.  

I have not looked back.   

The work I create now has come a long way 

and I am happy".   

Being true to myself

Suddenly everything fell into place.
I could be true to myself and write
about the painter I am now.

Like the rock in the pool,
my mind was clear.

I am these paintings 
and they are me.

My voice is in the marks.  

My handwriting.

Thank you for visiting...🎨🎨🎨