Friday, 24 July 2020

Staying small

Small is ok.

Thinking pink today

Two of a kind

I am currently taking a break from
painting larger pieces.

Two reasons...
The garden is in need of my company,
and small is good.

It's about having fun

Taking a sheet of Arches oil paper
I divide it into sections with masking tape.

Then I choose my colours.  
Mostly transparent at first.
Possibly opaque later after the 
under painting is dry.

I make random marks.

Making tiny oil studies is exciting.
It can be a way of loosening up 
and it doesn't really matter if it goes wrong.

It isn't life threatening.

like spreading melted chocolate.

In this case, green chocolate.

More green chocolate.

Sometimes I think about making
these paintings 'up large'.

I have tried but failed.

Painting for me, is a spontaneous affair.
If I sketched this image and scaled it up,
I would be concentrating too much 
on getting it right.

That's not what I want.
Copying is not my way.
I like the feeling of unknown.

My paintings evolve,
they are not really planned.  

Through the studio door...
Taking a break with a cuppa.

Does my wild garden influence my art?

It must be in my soul.

That's all for now,
time for bed.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Looks like a lovely garden, mine has almost disappeared. We have had 25 straight days at over 90Degrees. Don't know what that would be in Cel. Keeps you healthy though.

  2. Phew! That's hot. I would melt. Our garden is now relaxing into autumn.