Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Going back

Taking a back step...

Making a mess

Oils, cold wax medium and 
corrugated card on canvas

I have to say....
usually I like to look forward but
on this occasion there is a valid reason.

This painting has had so many re-workings 
and I thought it was finished last week. 

Now I am not happy with it.  
I like the idea of 'shabby worn'
but it is too busy.  I need to 
reduce the 'noise'.   

Drastic cutting out is called for.
Some parts are interesting but 
I shall block out at least two thirds of the image.

When it's done I shall show you.


Oils and cold wax medium on 16x16 inch canvas 

I like this one more.
A quieter image.

There is a piece of corrugated card bottom right
which has a coat of Indian yellow and white.

Although the painting has plenty going on,
there are quieter resting places for drawing breath.

Moving on...

Ending on a good note.

A small picture on Arches oil paper.
About 5x3 it will make a winter greetings card.

This one was made in two stages. 
The warm background was dry before
going over the top with palette leftovers.

The paint was on the edge of a knife, pressed on and left.
I like the contrast.  

That's all for now...
Until next time.

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