Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Walking alone.

Away from the crowd...

'Blue chocolate'

I was listening to a podcast this morning.
Number 81.   Art Juice
with Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher.

It's always interesting and I enjoy it each Tuesday.

Today, two little things caught my ear...

"Am I a people pleaser?"    Louse Fletcher. 

 Art Juice podcast no: 81

"Being led by your own curiosity...."    Alice Sheridan. 

  Art Juice podcast   no: 81

Thinking about Louise's words...'being a people pleaser',

I know there are times when this has applied to me.

Particularly with my early art.

I mostly painted what I thought others wanted to see.

However, I realised I would never grow as a painter 

if I followed this way of life.

'After the Pink'

Following my own pleasure will take me further...

and Alice's words about being led by curiosity is an exciting thought.

Being curious can make me take risks

and take me on unknown journeys,

especially when I work alone.

I am a loner, and

as a child I loved exploring the fields 

and woods near my home.   

It was during the 1950's.

There was a different kind of freedom then.

Someone posted these words on Facebook today...

"The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself 

in places no one has ever been".   

Albert Einstein 

Quite appropriate for my musings today. 

'Jam and green chocolate'


All these paintings came from my curiosity, seeing how far 

I could go with spreading paint and making marks.

A lonesome but not lonely 

adventure in my studio.

That's all for now.

Is it food for thought in

your creative life?  

Thank you for visiting.

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