Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Continuing my four aspects.

Balancing on the edge...

'The Dark Side'

Oils and cold wax medium on 20 x 16 inch canvas.

Yesterday I spoke about Balance.
This painting can also be viewed four ways.

I cannot remember how the piece began as
there are several paintings in progress.

Also, I am not good at keeping sketches or notes whilst I work.

Here is a group of canvases currently being worked.

The palette is Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine blue 
and Phthalo Blue red shade.

Three 12x12 inch canvases on the right...

Sienna and Ultramarine make a lovely rich 'black'.
This was rolled randomly onto the three supports.

I left white canvas bare for further ideas.
They are drying on the floor.

Floor painting is good as it gives me immediate access all round.
My tables are full of part worked pieces.

Something entirely different...

Just for fun this gorgeous Ultramarine Blue oil pigment powder 
was shaken onto some cold wax and rolled with a brayer.

I took a photograph for reference because this is temporary.
Fixing the powder will darken the pigment 
taking away this magical effect.

Here is another one.
Both are on Ampersand cradled panels.

This one began life as this...

I wanted to take it away from a landscape, so it had to change.   

It might have to move on some more.
It needs to dry a little to stop the mud effect.

That's all for now,
until next time.

Thank you for visiting.

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