Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Tulip time

In the pink...

'In the moment'

Oils and cold wax medium on 12 x 12 inch canvas 

My friend suggested the colours in
my painting remind her of tulips.

I am not a floral painter but I can accept this.
I love tulips and have planted new bulbs this year.

The painting began well, then turned into a green nightmare.
Scrape down after scrape it stayed in an ugly place.
I thought I was stuck with a sea of green.

Today I mixed some magenta with a little yellow pigment 
and added this to the top of my green base with 
a second layer of pink/red to brighten.
I scraped back some red to reveal the base.
My painting was looking better.

I had a video call from my 8 year old granddaughter 
and showed her my work.  She liked the pink.
Feeling more positive I continued...

I mixed some lemon yellow pigment powder 
with Liquin medium and a little smudge of magenta.
I added a good squeeze of Titanium white with some 
cold wax and made a pile of blush cream.

The loaded palette knife was spread swiftly 
across leaving a raised textured mark.
  It was tempting to smooth it out but I resisted the urge.
Just a diagonal score through 'anchored' the mark.

As I had a pile of paint left
 I decided to change a previous piece.
The painting was dry so any paint applied 
would not become muddied as a result.

Here is the earlier image...

I turned the panel round to make a fresh start.

Using the same pinks I smoothed some on one side.
Then I picked up the creamy yellow on a roller
and pressed it down onto the panel.

A thicker piece of yellow was smoothed onto the bottom left.
 Then a small roll pulling the oils down made a bit of ridged texture.

I decided to leave it at this point.  
Any further meddling could set me back.

I took photos of the two paintings and 
sent them to my granddaughter.

'Find the answer'

Oils and cold wax medium on 16 x 16 inch cradled panel 

That's all for now,
thank you for visiting.

Anne Wood - Paintings

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