Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Putting on a jacket

A monotype in a coat...

Finishing a piece of artwork.

It's always good to see art in some kind of surround.
Even a simple piece gets a lift.


Monotype in a 12 x 16 inch mount

Now I shall consider fitting it in a black frame.


Another A4 monotype 

Photographed in my home today.

This image can be viewed both ways.
I like it when this happens as there
is a feeling of balance.

I resisted the temptation to fill in the white..


A4 monotype pulled from a gel plate.
Golden Open Acrylics 

I decided to continue with 'pulls' in a limited colour palette.
They look interesting displayed together.




The contrast between light and dark
gives them all a sense of drama.


Layers of 'pulls' made this final image.
Almost a landscape, there is mystery too.



After a first layer of grey, 
Carbon black and buff titanium 
Golden Open acrylic was rolled on the gel plate.

I love the combination of colours.

That's all for now...
until next time 

Anne Wood

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