Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Evening Blues.

                   Blues on Parade   Oils on canvas board   5 x 7 inches   

Some days do not go well in my studio...and this was one occasion.  I had been battling all afternoon with a larger painting and it wouldn't work how I wanted it.  In the end I totally abstracted it and the result was more to my liking.  It is on the easel drying.   If I am still happy with it in the morning I might post it online tomorrow.

I needed a small painting however to post on my website and on this blog.  This little painting was finished in about 45 and furious...and I really enjoyed myself.

I am convinced that taking too much care when painting stifles me.  Trying to depict nature as it is might work sometimes but I really prefer not to be too realist...a photographic replica is not for me.  As soon as I put my reference photo away and began pushing the oils about the painting took on a different feeling.  

This one, 'Blues on Parade' was abstracted from the start...I used the larger abstract painting for reference and the painting came to life without too much fussing.  

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