Saturday, 1 August 2015


                 Lighting Up Time   Oils on canvas board   6 x 6 inches   

Sparks are flying in this study.  Flashes of paint are my gestural marks to represent reflections on water and sand.  The dark colours of the mud banks give a solid base to the work adding some weight.   

Different Styles

I painted 'Lighting Up Time' before my previous post of 'Restful Evening' and have the same group of colours in both.  I put this one aside to dry and forgot about it until now.  Looking at the two paintings it is clear that even with a similar scene, the same painter and the same colour palette, the results are totally different.  One is calm and restful, the other less so....

 I have a theory that emotion, and my feelings on the day must play a part.  Some days I have more 'gesture' in my paint handling and this shows in 'Lighting Up Time'.  

I don't worry about this at all...I like variety and it is one of the reasons for returning to some of my old photos or paintings to 're-visit'.    It is part of my painting journey and a valuable exercise in paint handling and growth.   I never wish to make a copy and become a slave to my work.  I let my painting evolve during the process and take on its own identity.  
A little journey beyond reality and I enjoyed myself.

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