Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sense of Place.

                         Horseshoe Creek   Oils on board   8.5 x 11 inches   ON HOLD

I am in my element with abstraction.  This creek on the Lincolnshire coast is a favourite subject for me as I love the remoteness of these nature reserves.   No visitors in sight...just me and some oil paint.

I chose a soft, muted palette of colour to give a sense of place; gentle colours are found in our landscape as the light can sometimes be 'flat'.  It gives me a range of greys (grays) too which are perfect for making a little bit of colour stand out.  No need for extremes here.

I think it makes a third in my 'Creek' series to sit with  'Hidden Shore' and 'Several Shades of Grey'.

Loose brush strokes here and plenty of scrubbing on the board for a textured feel.  My usual flourish of light to finish....

                                                      ( Walk away now Anne.) 

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