Saturday, 22 August 2015

Shapes and sizes.

Cricket Till   Oils on canvas board   5 x 7 inches   

A walk to the River Till on Monday morning with whippet.  As he ran up the steep slope to the river, I looked north to my right and saw the Cricket Till.  It is a small waterway which runs parallel to the river and has trees and shrubs on its sides.  The water surface has a blue/green tinge due to weed.   The stream is quite narrow at this part and has recently been dug out by the Board.  Several trees have been pruned back.

Some years ago I painted this scene after a snowfall.  Today it was more like a study in greens with a little warmth from the rust coloured dock plants.

I liked the dark patches of the shadows amongst the trees as a tonal study with the contrasting lighter shapes.  Painted quickly I wanted to give a sense of place with an abstract feel.

Just for fun I turned the image around to demonstrate how a painting can become an abstract study.  In fact, I could hang this little example either way.  Below is the same picture in black and white to show the values and composition.  


Cricket Till, Broxholme


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