Sunday, 23 August 2015

Passing shadows.

     August Wheat, Tractor Wheelings   Oils on canvas board  10 x 12 inches   SOLD

Taking advantage of nature, 10 am August 17th.  In two hours this scene will be different as the sun moves round to the south.  The shadows will be gone.

The wheat is near harvesting and turning a rich golden hue.  Parts are still pale with green showing.  The trees to the left are high and dense with dark copper leaves, casting long shadows across the field and the tractor makes 'wheelings' through the crop which give a textured look. 

 I was interested in the abstract value patterns across the corner of the field.  Soon the combine harvester will cut it all down making a different scene for me to paint.   As a landscape painter I have learned to look for shapes and patterns, light and shade, abstract in the real.

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