Monday, 10 August 2015

Textures and tone.

                               Hedgerow   Oils on board   22 x 37 cms   

Why copy the landscape when a picture is inside your head?   In this painting I was interested in colour and value using my imagination to create an image.  

I like the effect of mist and the golden colours of autumn as it approaches.  Autumn has beautiful soft colours as the plants relax after their busy summer.

So...with just a hint of an idea I began painting the sky first to give a moody, misty feeling.  Next I blocked in the hills and some trees/bushes.  To give the painting perspective I darkened the greens as I came forward.  Finally I added warmth with a suggestion of dried grasses and ferns in the foreground.  Using the end of the brush I scraped upwards for the stalks and twigs.

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