Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A gem of a place.

                        Little Creek    Oils on canvas   3 x 3.5 inches   SOLD

Painted around the sides with wooden easel.

                                  How small can a painting get and still tell a story?   

These miniatures on canvas are great to stroke can say so much and a twirl with the brush or knife will add movement.   I have painted this favourite scene many times now, large and small.  Each time there is so much pleasure in creating the image and this tiny canvas was no exception.

  In fact, there is a challenge in aiming to finish these miniatures quickly to retain a freshness and vitality in the piece.    No fussing...lay it and leave it is my motto.

There is a lushness to the sandbank and some spontaneity to the surf at the water's edge.

 A success my opinion.

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