Saturday, 5 December 2015


             Wold Corner   Oils on gessoed watercolour paper  6 x 4 inches

Number 4 in the series.  I chose a vertical format and cropped the right hand side of this scene in a painting I finished last week.   This time I wanted to show the rise of the land and make use of the diagonals created with this action.

The scene is a common sight in our arable county but I never tire of it.  I can always find something to enjoy painting.  There is no need for me to search for 'ideal' places when they are really right in front of me.  

Someone recently challenged my choice of painting small sizes suggesting that I was missing out on painting what I 'really' wanted to do.  Could she have meant what she thought I 'should' be doing?   I was surprised by her comment.  I paint whatever is in my soul and this includes small paintings, large paintings, abstract paintings, landscape paintings etc.  It is not a problem for me...and I am certainly not concerned in changing my way to suit the 'well-meaning' suggestions of others.  


  1. Here's how I know you are painting what you really want to be painting: Because that's what you're painting.

  2. I love your comments Dotty...thank you. Yes, you are right...I only paint what and how I am painting.

  3. Yesterday I bumped into the following words attributed to Katherine Hepburn, and thought of you: "If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased." Had to laugh!

    1. Me too. You always put a little joy into my day Dotty with your kind words. xx