Monday, 14 December 2015

Precious moments.

Ruby Skies   Oils on canvas   3 x 3.5 inches   SOLD  

A rich title for a tiny study of the spectacular sunset over the lake.   This painting is part of the mini-series I have started on some simple canvas covered wooden frames.   Now I have got into the swing of creating these little souls I am enjoying my new challenge. 

The knack is laying on the paint, aiming to eventually have a luscious oil surface 
with dramatic highlights to add some punch.  The painting begins by blocking in the composition and at first the surface appears a little boring, even flat. 

 Then the expressive part comes...using a minimum of white...I sculpt the paint into organic abstracted shapes whilst keeping a recognisable landscape image.
 I want to have a miniature painting with a large personality.

 I have no wish for photographic reality and the only reference I use is an existing larger painting nearby.  By glancing at this from time to time I transfer the basic scene to the smaller support scaling it down by eye.  At no time is any pre-drawing done...I use a brush to scrub on the shapes and colours as a trial underpainting, changing if necessary as I work.

 The fun is letting this little one evolve on its journey to begin a life of its own.

There are more....


  1. Gosh, Anne - I love your paintings. It's wonderful how you have abstracted the landscapes.

  2. Thank you Susan. I love my 'job' and to be able to do this every day...I count my blessings. x

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