Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Once in a while.

Brief Encounter   Oils on canvas   3 x 3.5 inches   

Painted around the sides with wooden display easel.

Here is the second study of the dawn over Boontown.  This is near my home and was a larger hamlet in earlier times.  Now there are only two cottages on this site.

I only wanted to portray the sky and landscape so the buildings don't feature in this painting.  The farmland around is mainly grass with some trees along the field edges.  I abstracted the inhabited scene a little to put down my own impression but the colours were retained.

My early walk was truly inspiring and a chance outing.  Brief Encounter is the best title for the piece as within minutes this spectacular sunrise was over. I am happy to have seen it.

I have enjoyed my little Miniature Series on canvas challenge and might well do more soon.

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