Monday, 30 January 2017

Standing pools of light.

Glisten   Oils on board  5 x 10 inches  £ 70  $ 90

Light glistens and gleams on the standing pools of sea water.

(Available from
or by email in UK)

Dune   Oils on board  5 x 10 inches  £ 60  

Coastal dunes...colour and texture.

(Available from

Studio Musings...

A slight change of size for these two studies.
Only by an inch or so but I am always surprised how 
different they are to work on and the finished result.

Studio Disasters...

At the weekend I went much larger to 24 x 16 inches
 for my choice of board size and it was a total disaster.

Now..I am sure the size shouldn't really have been the problem
 as there are several large pieces of finished work in my studio.
No good excuse there then.

After hours of work, then scraping and rubbing off I decided to call it a 'wipe-over' day.

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