Monday, 16 January 2017

Tarn views.

Winter Tarn  Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches   £ 50   $ 70

Sparkling light on the Tarn in winter.

(Available on
or by email in UK)

By the Tarn   Oils on canvas board   5 x 7 inches  £ 50

Light and shadow by the Tarn...a sense of atmosphere.

(Available on

Studio Musings...

I have begun a series of small studies about light and atmosphere.
They will all be landscape format on 5 x 7 canvas boards.

I like the idea of framing in a simple black frame
 and grouping them together to make a larger display.

Other musings...

This morning for coffee I had a studio visitor in the form of a video.
I love to follow the painter Brian Rutenberg and regularly watch him on YouTube.

He says everything I want to hear.

I also have two of his books.  His work is awesome.
If you get chance to visit his online presence...I can recommend it.

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