Saturday, 14 January 2017


Lost Path   Oils on board   10 x 12 inches   £ 300 (framed)   $ 385 

A look through the forest into the unknown.
A lost path leads the eye.

In a cream hand-painted wood frame.

(Available on

'Lost Path' drying on the easel.

Studio Musings...

Yesterday I wrote about letting myself follow the oils when things go wrong.
 This is an example of how one painting can morph into a second possibility.

Using a white gessoed board I began by scrubbing transparent oils to sketch out a scene.

After several wipe-overs I knew this work was not going well.
  I pushed more oils onto the board...darks and mid-tones to see what happened.
Shapes of a forest with a distant view somehow emerged triggering a feeling of intrigue.

Deciding to go with the flow I kept to random loose brush strokes without too much detail. 
There is now an element of abstracted reality which I like and also some mystery.

The scratched and rubbed off parts give a worn, aged appearance
 and the oval 'window' in the composition leads my eye. 
 Light in the distance keeps a sense of hope.

I shall let it rest.

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