Monday, 2 January 2017


Lazy, hazy day   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper  6 x 8 inches  £ 105  $ 130

Layered colours on a shore.
An abstracted point of view.

Studio Musings...

The second day in my winter painting corner and progression is slow.

Any change in lifestyle or routine needs time to adjust and my move
 to a warmer painting home is no exception.  I will call it 'settling in'.

 In my case, settling in means getting back into the 'zone'.
Out in my garden studio I was alone with nothing to disturb me.
Being in the main house means there are distractions so I need to work through it.

This little painting is all I produced today.
  Looking at it now I can see the composition needs some adjustment.
The horizon is around the middle of the paper and this is not the ideal place.

I need to decide which is the focus...either land or sky and crop to suit.
I think the shore is the main theme so some of the sky will go.

Here is the new image...a inch off the top.


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