Thursday, 12 January 2017

Drifting along.

Dune and Drift   Oils on board  4 x 11 inches   £ 90  $ 110

Abstracted coastline with drifting sand.
Light sparkles on the standing water.

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Studio Musings...

The second slim tonal study. 
 They have been fun to paint with a large brush.
I began with a white gessoed ground which gave the light effect.
Burnt sienna and Winsor Lemon make a good mix for this.

The large brush prevents a tight painting and pushing 
the oils around in a scrubbing motion creates the abstracted shapes.

A few swift flourishes to finish depicts the light and sparkle on the surface.
It is important not to be heavy handed.
 This would make a stripe rather than broken paint.


  1. I love your atmospheric landscapes and use of color.

  2. Thank you Lavinia, I am happy you like them.

    Best regards Anne.