Monday, 12 June 2017


Lincolnshire Storm  Oils on canvas board  5 x 7 inches  £ 50

Sudden showers and sunny intervals.
Gathering storm clouds over a Lincolnshire field.

Studio Musings...

I like a little drama in my work and the April weather gives me plenty.

The bright lemon yellow of oilseed rape is seen across the county.
When stormy purple skies oblige, a painter must paint.

Work in progress...

Soft Light  Oils on canvas board  16 x 20 inches

Here is a piece of work about light on the salt marshes.
Mostly about greens and blues I added other colours to lift the mood.

Touches of purple and sienna make the painting come to life.

Now the board is dry I think I will leave it apart from using a darker glaze 
  of transparent Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue in parts of the foreground. 
 This will strengthen the composition, add weight and a little warmth.

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