Friday, 23 June 2017

Work in progress.

June Studio work  Oils on board  

An afternoon's work drying on trays.

Studio Musings...

A peep into my routine.
  After a painting session I lay my work onto trays
and let them dry in a warm, light place.
It was a productive afternoon and I managed to finish four pieces.

Another long one on the right was more of a battle and I decided
 to let it dry before I consider where to go with it.  

There are days when nothing goes right and there is more scraping off than laying on.
Then, when I think everything is lost, a glimmer of hope emerges and off I go again.

I have been painting for over twenty years and 'daily painting' since 2014.
Painting daily has certainly moved my work forward and the discipline
 of regularly setting aside time for my art has now become second nature.

How it all began...

Several years ago I came across a Daily Painter in USA named Carol Marine
and began following her blog and videos along with a few more artists I found online.

I studied what they all had in common... 
 They were disciplined, treated their work seriously
 and shared their process with others.

Carol recommended painting small so a piece of work could be finished quickly.
She often paints on 6 x 6 inch boards and uploads them for sale online.

Larger pieces would naturally take longer than a few hours.
However, to get the ball rolling a small piece was the way to begin.

Each evening I read their stories and the seed was sown. 
I would become a Daily Painter.

Quick studies...

Set Aside  Oils on board  8 x 8 inches

A useful exercise is re-working.
This was a small redundant board in my cupboard.

Using the existing paint as an underpainting I scrubbed some oils
roughly over the surface.  Marks resembled trees, a hedgerow and 
a field.  Left-over oils on the palette are useful for this process.

It doesn't really matter what the work becomes.
The act of mark making and a casual approach gives the piece a relaxed feeling.

I like this small landscape and have titled it 'Set Aside'; farmland taking a year out.

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