Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Scrub   Oils on gessoed 140lb paper  4 x 6 inches 

Scrubby and rough..the dunes along the East Coast.

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Studio Musings...

The paintings on the DailyPaintworks.com site will be transferred 
to my other web gallery Artfinder.com from 21st June 2017.

*As an assurance for my followers....this blog will continue as usual*

Barren  Oils on gessoed 140lb watercolour paper  6 x 4 inches

Daily painting is a valuable lesson in the 'non-preciousness' of art.
It doesn't matter how many 'duds' are scrapped...
Working steadily and daily I am more likely to make creative gains.

This little study might look scrappy and a little boring but it
 just shows how something can be made from almost nothing.

Using the left-over colours on the palette, I loosely scrubbed the shapes 
onto the paper without too much thinking.  Thinking can slow creativity.

I can think about the piece later.

Hot Day  Oils on gessoed 140lb watercolour paper  6 x 6 inches 

It was very hot in the studio when I painted this study.
I had to paint quickly so I could pack up and find a cooler place.

Maybe the speed of work was an advantage.
No time to get into too much detail.

I will be back tomorrow.

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