Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Moody blues.

Moody and Brooding  Oils on board  8.5 x 5.5 inches

Approaching storm.

Studio Musings...

I am preparing work for a show which opens on Monday.
Most of my day has been doing art 'housekeeping jobs'.
Things like labels, pricing etc. Packing ready for off.

My daily painting was reduced to 30 minutes just before dark.

This small piece was a very quick study using up oils on my palette.
Actually, my palette is getting very bumpy with piles of dried oils.

Perhaps I should start a new one but I like adding fresh oil to the mounds.
To throw this one out would be like ending a friendship.

Anyway...enough of my ramblings. 

'Moody and  Brooding'.

This is a very rough and ready piece which resembles a stormy scene.
  Oils were literally pushed around on a previously painted surface.

Yesterday I wrote about producing work without becoming too precious.
It doesn't matter if the resulting painting is only fit for the bin.

What matters is making something... 
anything which keeps my creativity muscle exercised.

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