Monday, 26 June 2017

Wide approach.

Summer Weather   Oils on board  8 x 16 inches 

Sunshine and showers. 

Studio Musings...

Not the easiest of paintings but I got somewhere in the end.

It began several days ago...lots of rubbing off, scraping back and general rubbish.
I decided to let it dry and after two days I returned, determined not to let it get away.

More marks and more obliterating. 
Eventually something started to take shape...I could 'see' a place.

When I mention 'seeing', it is an internal 'seeing', not just  'looking'.
To me, internal seeing is more a 'feeling'...a flicker of pleasure.
As if I am standing there in the landscape, alone and breathing it in.

This is what drives me to make paintings, placing marks, shapes
 and colours to form a landscape I can walk into.

Each piece is a new experience. 
 Another painting, another place.

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