Thursday, 21 January 2016

All lit up.

                  Back Lights   Oils on canvas board   10 x 12 inches   

Muddled grasses beside an overgrown lake.  Autumn sun warms the seed heads which will soon attract the birds.   Back lit these fluffy reeds and ripened docks glow.

Studio Musings...

I try to tell the truth in my art but I always leave room for a little bending here and there.  Abstracting from nature gives me scope to express whatever I am feeling...
'being true to myself'.   

This means not worrying about pleasing other people and living by someone else's standards or rules.   I am still becoming myself (as a painter) and working at being true to this.  I am the only one who can do this...that is, I am the boss, in charge of my choices.

Finding my own way, sometimes I fall down, falter and even fail but this is alright.
Failures are good learning experiences. I can begin again.

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