Sunday, 17 January 2016

Anyone for cricket?

                 By the Cricket Till    Oils on canvas board   7 x 5 inches   

The second study of this little stream called the Cricket Till.  I abstracted the image a little and used just three colours and white.  Phthalo Blue, Permanent Rose and Hansa Yellow. Not a scientific choice, the colours just happened to be on my palette from a previous piece.  

I have just found a reference on-line for Cricketer's Bridge which is about a mile away.  The name might have a connection with this little stream which flows beneath.  I shall dig into some local history.

Studio Musings...

Recently, a viewer asked about my paperwork which accompanies each painting when it is shipped to a new home.   I always enlose a Certificate of Authenticity which has a photograph of the work and my signature and also a Title label which is fastened to the back of the board.  If the work is on paper or card the label is left loose to be fastened on the back of the work when it is framed by the purchaser.  Paintings on paper/card also have an instruction sheet regarding framing enclosed in the parcel.  

Here are examples below of my COA and small Label...

Small label for attaching to the back of the framed work

Instruction/advice sheet for paintings on paper or card


  1. Anne, thank you so much for your gracious, thorough, and thoughtful response to my question re COA, etc. So helpful!

    1. My pleasure Dotty. It might also be of use to someone else. x