Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Peaches and cream.

                    Estuary at Sundown   Oils on board   6 x 10 inches   

Peach violet across the sky brings a warmth to the land.  Shallow water picks up the colours and highlights in the Estuary to create a 'mood'.  

This painting came from a re-work over a previous seascape.  I added the hillside and tree line for interest and I like the glow on the field below the trees.  This little study is mainly from my imagination but the scene holds memories of a similar place.

Studio repairs...The original board measured 8 x 10 and my tree line sat around the middle which was not the ideal composition.   Did I want the painting to be a skyscape or a landscape?   Although the sky was full of light and colour I settled on the Estuary as my main focus to give an impression of space and cropped an inch off the top of the sky. 

                                      First crop... 7 x 10 inches

Now I notice the water line is central. The distant hills do help to lift the overall land versus sky and the zig-zag diagonals up from the bottom lead the eye through the piece. However, I don't like the equal position and it will continue to draw my eye there.

Final repair... the board is cropped again taking another inch off the sky to become a 6 x 10 format. 

                                     Second crop...6 x 10 inches
                                       Job done.  Time to walk away and let it rest.

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