Friday, 8 January 2016

Jewelled land.

               Winter's Evening   Oils on canvas board  12 x 10 inches   

Dreamy and gentle, this painting reminds me of the ethereal atmosphere of twilight in winter.
It has a relaxed feeling.  There are hedgerows, trees, tracks and trails reminiscent of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  

Taking its reference from my recent snowscapes I let the work come together casually in an abstract way.  I wanted a loose, atmospheric scene.

Studio Musings...

Part of my studio work includes 'office and computer' jobs.  I always make a Certificate of Authenticity and labeling for each finished piece ready for when they are shipped to a new home or to show in a gallery.  This week I am preparing my work for my own show in March.  Wooden frames are getting 3 coats of off-white paint, cords and hanging rings attached and the paintings are stacked around the house to plan my display.  

My framer Graham Perkins at Forge Arts in Hackthorn, near Lincoln is currently making another 30 frames for this show and four group shows this summer and I am very grateful for his patience and help. 

Here is Graham's Gallery and framing


  1. Anne, love the sky in Winter's Evening, with appreciation for all that surrounds it and gives it its punch. I'm also very much enjoying your recent studio musings. I just finished reading Art Inc. based on an earlier post of yours. Thanks! Dotty

  2. Thank you Dotty...good to hear from you. I love your green square Jungle abstract. xx

    1. Thanks, again, for sharing your enjoyment of the jungle abstract. I replied to your comments at my blog and on DPW : ) I'm bumping into all sorts of engaging challenges through these collage abstracts I'm doing as part of a downloaded workshop I'm taking.

  3. Anne, would love to know more about or see a photo of a Certificate of Authenticity and a label. Thanks! Dotty

  4. Thanks Anne! I must photograph one of your finished painted 'doubleframes' to post as a 'framing of the month'!