Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wellies and umbrella.

                 Wet Weather   Oils on canvas board   10 x 12 inches   ON HOLD

A stormy day and plenty of heavy clouds.  Occasional breaks in the sky allowed the sun to shine briefly on the wet fields and puddles.   This field is on the back lanes near Spridlington, Lincolnshire.  I couldn't resist these big puddles in the field entrance.

Studio Musings...

A simple scene can be as effective and interesting as one packed with detail.
I liked the curves of the water-filled ruts leading my eye over the field to the tree line, then up into the sky.  The clouds have a bright patch which adds texture.  

As I have 'grown' as a painter, I have learned not to overlook the 
mundane but capitalise on the light effects or unusual shapes.  

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