Friday, 22 January 2016

'Bloom where you are planted'...

                              Winter Creek   Oil study on canvas board   

An abstracted winter study.  A 'collage' of ideas to make a landscape.

Studio Musings...

'Bloom where you are planted' is something I relate to my painting life. I am planted in a county which has enough to keep me busy painting daily without travelling far.  

When I got over the need to paint reality the world opened up for me.  I realised I could use my stored memories, imagination or a collage of  ideas to create a painting.
  If I want to change a view there is nothing to stop me.  I can move trees or buildings, and add rivers, snow, or sunshine.  All without permission.

The painting above...'Winter Creek' is an example.  I began painting a creek I have seen on the coast about an hour away from home.   After a few wipe-overs I decided to let my mind and brush wander.  The colours are cool which gives the impression of winter.   I placed a few suggestions of distant trees, a glow on the horizon and some directional brush marks.  Finally, the highlights on the water made the image 'pop'. 

 A trip to the coast without leaving my studio.  

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