Thursday, 7 January 2016


            Moonlight Morston   Oils on canvas board  12 x 10 inches   

Blues and violets with a peach moonlight glow over the marsh, mud and shallow water.  This painting is in my series 'creating a new work from another'.  

Recently I wrote about reaping ideas from the paintings around me in my studio.  I have painted a large abstract canvas of Morston for a forthcoming show and this was an ideal opportunity to play with possibilities.  Taking a reference from the larger work yet not depicting it directly I let this painting evolve until I felt it had a flow of its own.  To me it has a musical feeling.

                                                         Studio Musings...

My garden studio is too cold at this time of the year so I have reluctantly come inside to work.  I had to find a private space away from the general household activity where I can leave my paintings and all the working tools ready for use at any time.

The chosen spot is in my bedroom.  I have shelves to display some of my recent work, art books, my office/computer/storage unit, a trolley with a small folding easel and another trolley to hold my oils palette and brushes.  It is a warm room and Whippet curls up on my bed keeping me company.

Actually, I am enjoying myself as most of my work is small and fits on the folding easel.  If I want to do something larger I will bring a larger easel inside and squeeze it into this 'den'.

Here are two photos of my winter workshop...

Everything pushes out of the way and the 'office cupboard' is closed for the night.

The daily paintings on easels are a source of ideas and inspiration. 
 They are also a record of where I am in my painting life and creative journey.

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