Saturday, 2 January 2016

Quite a spectacle.

A Shore Thing   Oils on canvas   3.5 x 3 inches   GIFTED

Painted around the sides with a wooden easel.

I hope I am forgiven for having a great interest in creating work with dramatic skies.  Here is the second of three miniatures on canvas.  These tiny canvases have been fun to work with and made me realise that a small image can give the same impact as a large painting.

Studio Musings...  

A friend asked me how I get ideas or inspiration to create my paintings. 

 I thought I would share one way and it isn't too far away from my easel.  I gleaned this idea from one of my favourite painters...Fred Cuming RA.  I have two of his painting DVDs and on one he speaks of having his work around him as he paints...he says the sketches and finished pieces in his studio can help to create ideas for future paintings.

My own paintings have become friends and I have them around me on shelves in my room. As a change from reality, I am using some of these to form an idea for a series of 'fictional' landscapes.  These 3 inch miniatures were painted in this way...I used a larger painting as a guide for the colours and shapes but scaled it down in size. 

 Now I am painting some 10 x 12 inch canvas boards, borrowing the initial idea from an existing 5 x 7 painting and upscaling.  The new piece might take a reference from the first piece but I let the painting evolve and take on its own life.  For example...a summer landscape could become a winter abstract.  Or a winter scene can become spring or autumn.   I give my imagination free rein.

                                             The possibilities are endless.  


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