Monday, 4 January 2016


Suspended Time   Oils on canvas board   7 x 5 inches  SOLD

Imagination plays a great part in my painting life. 
 Landscapes and seascapes are often created with a good helping of 'licence'.  

This little piece began as a study of my garden at dawn in the summer.  I left it to dry overnight as the oils were blending too much.  I planned to finish it the next day and add more darks.  Things did not go as planned.  Several 'tonks' and scrapes were not improving the situation and I was ready for discarding the work and giving up.

However...I really had nothing to lose by switching on my imagination button.  Loading my brush I attacked the board with gusto, allowing my creative juices to flow.  Speed was essential to prevent me from fussing and repairing.  Sweeps and swirls, twirls with knife and angled brush and suddenly the painting came to life.  It was exciting.

A few spots of warm colours and a generous chunk of creamy white acted as a reflection.
Is it the side of a lake?...a garden?...or just a figment of the painter's imagination?

Time to walk away.  Leave it to mature.

Some of my paintings are listed On Hold...they are taking part in my show at Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln starting 28th March until 10th April 2016.

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