Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Whatever the weather...

                       Stormy Day   Oils on canvas board   6 x 6 inches   ON HOLD

East Coast weather and ebb tide.   An abstracted study of the beach and streams.  The fleeting glimpses of sun on the sand and water's edge add a few highlights to the scene.

Studio Musings...

Being imaginative is part of me as a person.  I take advantage of this for creating simple studies based on what I remember and also how I want to depict a scene.  I am more interested in an atmospheric 'sense of place' than a realist photographic image.

I also use my reference photos and sketches for ideas when I am short of possible subjects.  There may be a part of the photo to crop and use or even change the colours, seasons and time of day.  The permutations are endless...all it takes is a little imagination.

  A painting doesn't have to be exact...experiment.


  1. As ever, I enjoy and am grateful for your imagination and inventiveness, and your encouragement to experiment.

    Love the colors here, Anne!

  2. Thank you Dotty...it is amazing how using up left-overs can produce a decent 'meal' (or painting).